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In order to promote safety, customer compliance, and customer satisfaction, MSA has created this database containing an SDS for each of our products that exhibits specific workplace hazards as defined by OSHA.  

OSHA does not require an SDS for certain products.**  As a result, MSA offers Content Information Sheets (CIS) for customers who require the component data of certain products for which OSHA does not require an SDS. 

Note that these documents are presented in PDF form and require Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to be viewed.


Safety Data Sheets for MSA Products

Product Part Numbers Location
Calibration Cylinders 0 - 491361 Click Here
Calibration Cylinders 491362 - 711088 Click Here
Calibration Cylinders 711089 - 808977 Click Here
Calibration Cylinders 808978 - 10022386 Click Here
Calibration Cylinders 10022387 - 10150598 Click Here
Calibration Cylinders 10150600 - end Click Here
Compressed Air Cylinders All Click Here
Other Products 0 - 601874 Click Here
Other Products 601875 - end Click Here

General Monitors

Safety Data Sheets for General Monitor Products (Click Here)


Content Information Sheets for MSA Products**
Product Part Numbers Location
Batteries All Click Here
Sensors All Click Here
Air Purifying Cartridges & Canisters All Click Here
Other Products All Click Here

**NOTE: Certain MSA products are considered "articles" as defined in 29 CFR 1910.1200(c). Therefore, no Safety Data Sheets are required for such products. Instead, MSA provides Content Information Sheets as a courtesy, to generically describe the chemical components of such products.  



This page last revised 01/04/2016