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The R.I.T.E. Program

An Overview


“Enroll in the MSA R.I.T.E. Program and repair your MSA Instruments the R.I.T.E. way"

R.I.T.E. is an acronym for Repairing Instruments Training and Education. It is the new name given to MSA’s Authorized Instrument Service Center program for Portable Instruments. MSA offers three levels of training to our customers.

The first level is to ensure our customers know how to use MSA operator’s manuals, so that minor repairs and maintenance can be addressed at their work site.

The second level provides training of our customer’s personnel to conduct general maintenance and repair of MSA Portable Instruments.

The third level, our distributors and end-user repair technicians become certified by MSA to conduct servicing and repair. The MSA R.I.T.E. Program is the MSA Authorized Instrument Service Center repair training level. The program is specially designed and developed to address the MSA Portable Instruments repair and maintenance requirements of our Channel Partners and end-users.

Those individuals who are, or will be, assigned to maintain and repair MSA Instruments on a frequent basis and have the mechanical and electrical aptitude, experience and skill-set to perform the work requirement should only attend R.I.T.E.classes.

Successful completion of the R.I.T.E. program certifies an organization as an Authorized MSA Instrument Service Center, enabling R.I.T.E. certified repair technicians to perform the highest level of maintenance and repair on MSA Instruments.

Scheduled three-day R.I.T.E. certified training classes are held at our Instrument Division training facility located in the heart of beautiful Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. Certified training classes are also offered on-site at our Distributors and end-users locations. Requests for on-site certified classes will be handled on a case-by-case basis dependent on the number of personnel attending and the number of different MSA Instruments to be covered.

The two-day certified training session will cover all the MSA Portable Instruments that you, our Channel Partner or end-user, may service as an MSA Authorized Instrument Service Center. All training will be focused on the repair and servicing of the MSA Portable Gas Detection Instruments and hands-on training will cover calibration, maintenance, application, service and repair to include all the accessories used with each product. Each training day starts at 8:00 am and finishes at 5 pm.

The training fee to become an MSA Authorized “Certified” Instrument Service Center is $525*, per person per day. All attendees are responsible for their registration fee, transportation and lodging for the classes.

On site certified training fee is $5000* plus all expenses at cost or by quotation for large class sizes.

Included in the training fee is:

  • Three days of R.I.T.E. training classes, conducted by an MSA factory trained instructor.
  • A complete set of MSA Instruction manuals.
  • A Calibration Kit to include all cylinder regulators, calibration adapters, chargers, tubing and other related hardware kits.
  • One comprehensive interactive MSA Service CD-ROM for each attendee.
  • Lunch and refreshments during breaks in the MSA in-house training.

At the completion of each day’s training class, each attendee must successfully complete a written examination based upon information presented during the class that day. Based upon final examination results and evaluation by the instructor of the attendee’s performance during the classes, MSA will notify the sponsoring organization as to its certification as an MSA Authorized Instrument Service Center

Class size will be kept at a maximum of six (6) attendees so as to provide consistently high quality of instruction to each attendee.

Each MSA Authorized Instrument Service should appoint an administrator of its maintenance and repair program who will be responsible to maintain:

  • The proper facilities, equipment and trained personnel to provide quality service on MSA Instruments.
  • The appropriate up-to-date instruction manuals and repair procedures, tools, calibration equipment, and any other equipment needed to perform instrument maintenance and repair in accordance with MSA’s instructions and procedures.
  • The quality of service at the highest possible level.

The MSA Authorized Instrument Service Center Certification must be renewed every 3 years. The expiration date is indicated on the Service Center Certificate. The Service Center must send at least one person per location to be trained or recertified at least once every 3 years. The fee is the same as for the initial training.

Each MSA Authorized Instrument Service Center will be periodically audited by an MSA qualified and trained representative to determine whether the facility is qualified to be re-certified.

* Pricing valid through 12-31-11


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