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10 styles of Abrasi-Blast Hoods are available

ThSAR-Abrasi-Blast.jpg (22250 bytes)e purpose of this communication is to enlighten all to the many available variations of the Abrasi-Blast hoods.

The variations of the hoods have occurred due to the customized requirements at the various shipyards across the country. Throughout the years, shipyards have requested customized capes for their employees’ comfort.

The following list is the complete line of available Abrasi-Blast hoods. These hoods are all NIOSH-approved. For more information, please consult MSA’s website or Data Sheet 01-02-02.

1.) 468724 Hypalon Waist
2.) 468725 Hypalon Shoulder
3.) 480699 Duck Cloth Chest
4.) 480697 Duck Cloth Waist
5.) 486304 Neoprene Shoulder
6.) 486303 Neoprene Waist
7) 486329 Knit-Back, Hypalon-Front, Shoulder
8) 603063 ParkaHood (orange urethane-coated nylon with sleeves)
9) 480698 Filter Cloth Waist
10)480700 Filter Cloth Shoulder

Eric Buzard (January 24, 2003)

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