Fall Protection

"Rose" Fall Protection now closely aligned with Safety Products

Since joining MSA in 1996, Rose has operated as a wholly owned subsidiary. For more effective alignment with the overall Safety Products Division, on January 1, 2003, some changes were made.

MSA Rose is now known as "MSA Fall Protection," which is consistent with our corporate branding philosophy and strategies. Our Englewood, Colorado-based associates will continue to play an important role in our operations by producing fall protection equipment.

Maureen McCormick has been named Director of Fall Protection Business Development, and Bob Apel is in charge of marketing. Operations will be fully assimilated into the Safety Products Division and will operate as an SDIV plant.

These changes represent an important step in the success of our global MSA Fall Protection market.

Ron Herring (February 21, 2003)
New General Manager of MSA’s Safety Products Division)

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