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Goodbye to Dustfoe 88; substitute Advantage Respirator

The Dustfoe 88 Respirator has been discontinued, and the stock has been depleted.

However, replacement filters and some spare parts will be available for a few more months.

Please advise your Dustfoe 88 customers to switch to the Advantage 200LS Respirator with N95 Flexi Filter. As the name implies, the Advantage has more benefits than the Dustfoe 88, including these:

  • The Advantage is 25% lighter than the Dustfoe 88 (including filters). (4.7 ounces vs. 3.5 ounces).
  • The twin Flexi filters provide 5 times the filter area than the single Dustfoe filter (69.6 sq. inches vs. 13.9 sq. inches).
  • Changing the filters on the Advantage is much easier.
  • As a multi-use respirator, the Advantage can also accommodate chemical cartridges, etc. The Dustfoe is strictly a particulate respirator.

As a result of these advantages, the user gets better overall protection from the Advantage Respirator.

The best part is that the "cost of ownership" of the Advantage is lower, as shown in these USD list prices:                           

Dustfoe List Prices USD

Advantage List Prices USD

Dustfoe Respirator= $17.65

Advantage Respirator = $9.95

Dustfoe filters (5) = $7.77

Flexi N95 Filters = $3.00

Canadian price advantages are, of course, directly proportionate.

John Hierbaum (April 16, 2004)

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